Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1st Place winner


Wow! We have come so far this year. The DirtBags placed first in the West Monroe tournament also. We are so proud of the boys. It has been a great year w/the players and parents.

We are planning our fundraiser tournament on Saturday May 10! This will help raise funds for them to go to the World Series in July.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Rock Early Bird NIT

1st Place

Saturday, March 21st the DirtBags played in the North Little Rock Early Bird NIT 9u tournament. The boys were anxious to get started. They had a great day. They played for 9 straight hours. We had two games scheduled back to back, but we fell in the losers bracket the first game and so that meant we ended playing 4 games back to back with only 10 mins between each game. We had the best umpires! They truly enjoyed umpiring and intermingled with all the kids (even the ones not on the field). It seems like a long time since I have seen umpires that were there and having fun.

The boys played against the Arkadelphia Niners and the Malvern Renegades.
Game 1 - 14-10 vs. Niners (Niners beat us)
Game 2 - 19-3 vs. Renegades
Game 3 - 10-2 vs. Renegades
Game 4 - 10-5 vs. Niners (Championship Game)

Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Game Day

Saturday, March 7 was our first game day. We had a couple of practice games against Junction City's State Line Bandits. They are a 10 year old tournament team. The DirtBags did good up against this BIG boys. Some of the boys made 2 of our boys. They started their "star" pitchers. Of course, we didn't do to good against them. One mom said that one of the pitchers was her son and he had pitched for 4 years. HELLO this is our first year to pitch. When they put in their 9 year old pitcher we did really good. Our boys put the ball in play.

I believe that each DirtBag had a great time and are looking forward to going to Arkadelphia next Saturday. Check back for updates.

Awards went to: Shannon Bond, Chris Branson, Marcus Bornslater (aka Flipper), Brady Pippen and Garrett Courson. The boys are given awards after each game for some outstanding play that happened during the game. These awards are voted on by the parents.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Front: Shannon Bond, Taylor Thurman, Garrett Courson; Back: Chris Branson, Brady Pippen, Gregory Junior, Kason Stewart, Drew Johnson, Marcus Bornslater, Kersh Hall and Gage Terrell.
Coaches: BJ Pippen, Kevin Stewart, Ronnie Terrell and Mark Courson (not pictured)
This is a 9 year old tournament team in Crossett. This group of boys love baseball! They have played together since t-ball with Crossett League. Some of these boys are going on the 3rd year with the DirtBags.
Stay tuned to catch up on our tournaments!